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I am the one who started my case with Shana after my ex-wife had drained all of our accounts, canceled our lease, and hidden our son. Half a year before that, I had experienced a major spell of anxiety. I was unemployed at the time. As a father, there seemed to be very little hope. I would not be able to protect our adorable son. Quality legal Service: I now have primary custody of my son. Expeditious: I had a generous visitation within three days of talking to Shana. Excellence: Despite my ex-wife using every deceit she could think of, Shana was able to present a strong and honest case, offer realistic assurances, and deliver on her word. I never had anything but confidence. She has gone so far beyond what I understood an attorney to be, that I feel she deserve her own category. I accidentally happened across her while on the Internet. I could not have been more fortunate, and know that the link to her page hit my eye by the will of that which protects children. Unless she recommends someone else, she is the right person for your case. She did the impossible for me. With all that, she is nice enough to thank me for the review.