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Twelve years ago I became a mom, and my daughter has been a true blessing; however the on going battle with her father has been emotionally and financially draining. My ex-husband is mentally, verbally and physically abusive to me and our child. He started physically abusing our child again and I knew I really had to fight with everything I have and make sure this is the END of the abuse. I was blessed to find Shana Black who understood that I was scared, emotionally hurt and at my last straw. She immediately advised me of my rights via phone BEFORE the retainer and she walked me through what to do before she and I sit down to meet. The first time I met her, I instantly knew she was the perfect lawyer to represent me. I was very eager to have her representing me in this 12 year battle. I have never felt so calm, and secure with an attorney on this case, and I have had a few. In my opinion none of the lawyers knew the law to the extent of Shana. She seriously knows the law and is not afraid to do the extra work to make sure justice is served. Shana has handled civil cases and child custody cases and I think that is what gives her more of an edge on things. I have referred a family friend to her and he is now being represented by her and he will agree that she is a true blessing for him and his kids. I urge everyone who truly loves their children to seek her legal counsel because from my personal experience she seriously earns every penny of that retainer and hourly amount. I now have 100% custody of my child. Shana has a great personality and she is a mother as well so she can relate and understand that cases like these are very tough and emotional. As I previously mentioned, Shana is extremely knowledgeable about the law and will put her best into all areas of your case.